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Fashion Studios is a global manufacturing & sourcing company involved in designing & producing trendy & customize corporate clothing for different institutions & brands. The company’s base station is ideally located in the center of Globe to cater the customers more efficiently. We provide competitive sourcing & manufacturing services in apparel, home textiles & fashion accessories and have strong relationships with manufacturers and quality suppliers around the globe, and maintain high production standards through our team of on-site inspection agents and import / export specialists. With the support of our in house designers and dedicated embellishment department our customers get extra satisfaction throughout the order execution process. Our designated customer representative will act as a bridge between the importers/retailers and the manufacturing division to provide the services that encompass development cycles, timely deliveries & quality as per international standards. We have acquired a customer base that includes leading brands and retailers in several key markets such as USA, Europe & the Middle East. Our Team of skilled professionals is specially trained to provide high end sourcing and quality assurance to our clients. Our Track record and market reputation over the past years is ample testimony to our success in the business.



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